Star Wars: A Flicker of Hope

Best Served Cold

An Epilogue to Season One

Jedi Order Nar Shaddaa, Y’Toub system, Hutt Space. Our heroes flees through the Smuggler’s Moon‘s crowded streets and alleys, Zulos the Hutt’s minions in hot pursuit. As they are about to reach the Last Gambit, they fail to notice a Wookiee and a strange droid, crossing briefly their path and moving with haste in the opposite direction.

  • The camera follows Lowpirr and MY-0K as they approach a familiar-looking space transport. As the Wookiee and the droid boards the Defiant Star, we are shown its cockpit. The camera reveals a furious Vora Synn prepping the ship for takeoff.

Lowpirr MY-0K Vora Synn

  • The camera closes in on one of the massive towers spawning Nar Shaddaa’s upper levels. Indoor, cloaked figures are seen engaged in an elaborate ceremony. One of the participants removes his hood, revealing the cold calculating visage of the Arkanian crime lord Soleil, who is being reinstated to the rank of Black Sun Vigo.

Kalor Salaban III

  • Meanwhile, in a poorly lit room, the form of Ludra Tryles can be glimpsed through the glass of a bacta tank. The unconscious female warrior is severely injured, one of her legs is missing.

Ludra Tryles

Black Sun Even though most of his plans came to fruition, having successfully rejoined the Black Sun crime syndicate, Kalor Salaban III is seething with rage. The fate of his right hand Ludra Tryles is uncertain since her brutal encounter with the rogue Jedi Vora Synn. Most importantly, his ungrateful former left hand has actually chosen to betray him.

  • In a luxurious hospital room, Kalor Salaban III is seen standing next to a bed where lies the unconscious form of Ludra Tryles. The human warrior seems to have mostly recovered from her wounds. Her missing leg has been replaced. A surprisingly well-mannered Gamorrean enters the room, followed by a few servants carrying a man-sized crate. The crate is placed in an upright position facing the bed. The newcomers bow down to the crime lord. The Gamorrean opens the crate, revealing an impressive battle armor.
  • A few days later, a visibly upset Soleil hastily enters the hospital room and finds the bed empty. Ludra’s new Mandalorin armor is also missing from its crate. The Arkanian crime lord composes himself, taking on his usual aloof demeanor to address a sinister-looking figure clad in black armor. After all, revenge is a dish best served cold…

Kalor Salaban III Ludra Tryles

  • Brev Fresk’lya returns to Little Bothawui after a brief absence to find it in complete disarray. The small cantina that serves as the Bothan spymaster’s base of operation on Nar Shaddaa has been recently attacked. Fresk’lya enters the front room of the establishment. A large part of the floor has been totally obliterated by an explosion resulting from what can only have been a thermal detonator, while the rest is still covered with debris, blood spatters, and various pieces of flesh or furniture… And among the rubbles, many dead or severely injured Bothans. Disgusted and upset by the carnage, Fresk’lya crosses the littered cantina floor to the reinforced door at the back. He enters the intact security chamber behind and plays a holorecording of the events that have just transpired.

Brev Fresk'lya

  • A thermal detonator is seen rolling from the entrance to near the middle of the cantina floor. It explodes a few seconds later, leaving an empty crater and a few partly atomized stools, tables and bodies in its immediate wake. A rugged Rodian holding an heavily customized BlasTech DT-12 heavy pistol makes his entrance:

Keees Preku: “Fresk’lya! Brev FRESK-LY-A!”

The Rodian raises his weapon and spray the room with blaster fire in autofire mode, cutting down any Bothan in sight before they have any time to grab a weapon, take cover or otherwise react.

Keees Preku: “Black Sun sends its regards!”

The Rodian fires a few more times indiscriminately before making his exit.

Keees Preku


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