Star Wars: A Flicker of Hope

Before They Are Hanged

An Epilogue to Season Two

The Imperial Emblem Dorin system, Deadalis sector. Three imperial Star Destroyers are orbiting Dorin. The first two—a Venator-class and a Victory-class—are positioned above Providence and attempting to bombard the spaceport into oblivion despite the raging storm below. On the nearby Imperator-class Star Destroyer Exactor, the Stormtroopers of the 501st Legion prepare to launch a ground assault on the Old City.

  • Onboard the Venator-class Star Destroyer Valliant, Flight Captain Ciana Zarin is seen addressing Governor Leran Zarin:

Ciana Zarin: “Father. I made all necessary arrangements for them to be able to depart from the planet freely. I also gave discrete orders to minimise the damage inflicted to the spaceport in the general vicinity of their ship…”

Leran Zarin: “Good.”

Ciana Zarin: “Do you think HE suspects ?”

Leran Zarin: “I am not eager to find out. We need to plot a course for the Aeten system as soon as possible! If HE wants to see me, the meeting will be held on The Sky Citadel.”

Ciana Zarin : “I will relay your order to Captain Radkin immediately.”

Ciana Zarin Leran Zarin

  • In high orbit, Lenka Rislan’s impressive yacht is dwarfed by the three Star Destroyers below. Inside, the young senator is shown watching impassively the battle through a large observation window. A few moments later, an imposing figure clad in the red armor of the Imperial Guard enters the observation lounge. The figure removes his helmet, revealing the sinister smile of Zurek Ohim:

Zurek Ohim: “You will be happy to know that your ship has been authorized to depart for Imperial Center.”

Lenka Rislan: “I am ecstatic. I was so eager for you to finally go away.”

Zurek Ohim: “You misunderstand the situation. I will remain onboard. I must return to the Emperor without delay. It is the only reason why your ship can leave right away.”

Lenka Rislan: “Not good news then. I still need to endure your presence.”

Zurek Ohim: “You wound me. I thought you would be thrilled to have me with you on the way back—for old times’ sake.”

Throughout this exchange, Lenka’s beautiful but emotionless visage has not moved away from the window. The imperial guard eventually exits the room, to be soon replaced by Ackay Gunran. The senator’s head of security approaches his charge:

Ackay Gunran: “I will keep an eye on him and make certain he does not bother you again.”

Lenka Rislan: “It would be better for you to keep out of his way. Ohim has the Emperor’s favor. He will do as he wishes and we will make every efforts to accommodate him. I am not ready to lose you too.”

Gunran reaches the window and looks sideway toward Lenka Rislan, scrutinizing her still cold and impassive features. He moves a step back and places a comforting hand on the politician’s shoulder.

Ackay Gunran: “You are worried… About him.”

Lenka Rislan: “No. Not really. I am more worried about the population below. He survived Despayre. He will survive this… I am certain I will see him again…”

Both remains silent for a time.

Lenka Rislan: “Enough.”

Lenka Rislan removes Gunran’s hand from her shoulder and turns away from the window, suddenly facing her head of security.

Lenka Rislan: “Were you successful?”

Ackay Gunran: “Yes. They are hidden in the cargo hold.”

Lenka Rislan: “Make sure Ohim and our new passengers do not meet.”

Ackay Gunran: “Yes senator.”

Ackay Gunran Lenka Rislan Zurek Ohim

  • Meanwhile, on the planet’s surface, an injured Trenn Dar eventually reaches the spaceport, carrying the inanimate form of an unidentified humanoid above his left shoulder. In his right hand, the Jedi Knight holds his double-bladed lightsaber with one blade extended. As the Last Gambit departs, Trenn Dar is seen boarding a Firespray-31-class patrol and attack craft. We lose sight of the ship because of the storm.

Trenn Dar

  • Far from the city, but still within the confines of the magnetic storm, the Gotal Jedi Master Losh Gax and the Baran Do Sage Xol Kenyak are overseeing the evacuation of the Forgotten Temple and the dismantling of the New Jedi Covenant’s modular base. Most non-Kel-Dor seems to have already left, when Joeema Oprin and Ath Raal emerge from the underground tunnel linking the Forgotten Temple to the Old City.
  • Soon after, Joeema and one of the Caamasi refugees board the only starship still in the Temple, an ARC-170 starfighter, piloted by an unknown Sullustan. The ship quickly departs and, taking advantage of the storm, successfully avoids imperial notice. Joeema instructs the starfighter’s R4-series astromech droid to plot a course for Kessel.

Ath Raal Joeema Oprin Losh Gax Xol Kenyak

The Imperial Emblem Eventually, more than two thousand stormtroopers of the 501st Legion land on the planet and storm through the Old City. A short wile later, three full battalions of stormtroopers — along with an impressive contingent of AT-TE assault walkers — are gathering at the gates of Providence, preparing to invade the domed-city.

  • As lines after lines of stormtroopers are pouring into Providence, Brin Da’p confronts the advancing imperial troops, using the Force to make quick surgical attacks, retreating each time his position is compromised or just before being overtaken by barrages of blaster fire. The Bith Master applies his extensive telekinetic abilities to great effect, crushing AT-TEs against one another, making sure to slow the 501st Legion’s progression almost to a halt because of the wreckage.
  • After a few of those sporadic engagements, Brin Da’p notices the distant figure of Darth Vader among the stormtroopers. The dark lord of the Sith’s power seems limitless against the Jedi Master’s faltering telekinetic attacks. The Jedi Master is about to retreat one last time, when Vader’s attention is suddenly drawn away. The dark caped figure turns on his left and ignites his lightsaber before stepping out of sight.
  • Vader enters a sinuous side alley by himself and moves toward a lone Zabrak dressed in Jedi robes. Master Kyzen Tor ignites his lightsaber. A fierce lightsaber duel ensues.
  • After a few moments, an injured Darth Vader emerges back from the alley. Brin Da’p summons what remains of his power to collapse two massive buildings upon the Sith lord and the surrounding stormtroopers. The battle seems to completely stop for a time as the dust settle. Satisfied, Brin Da’p brushes his hands off and is about to leave, when the cluster of debris under which Vader has been buried begins to vibrate and shake…

Brin Da'p Kyzen Tor

All Terrain Tactical Enforcer (AT-TE)


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