Star Wars: A Flicker of Hope

Episode III - Droid Trickery, Part I

Breaking In

Aeten II Zuur Durjja and Vasha Stormtamer are interviewed by Ludra Tryles who later introduce them to her master Soleil. They strike a bargain with The Sky Citadel’s criminal overlord. In exchange for transportation outside the Aeten system, they are to assist the droid KZ3R into retrieving a small fortune in rare crystals from the orbital station’s command center. In so doing, our heroes should also be able to rescue Vasha’s Jedi master from the Governor’s holding cells. The newest (less recognisable and most expendable) recruit in Soleil’s organization, Eshu Tahal, is chosen to oversee this daring enterprise.

After few hours of planning, our heroes infiltrate the Imperial Enclave of the Sky Citadel, using forged code cylinders. After successfully passing through several checkpoints manned by B1 battle droids, the party split up. Vasha, wearing a stolen military uniform, and Durjja, in Clone Trooper armor, are to descend to the lower levels toward the imperial holding cells, while Eshu, also in Clone Trooper amor, and KZ3R, are to progress upward to the Sky Citadel’s command center.

Vasha and Durjja vanquish a military officer and several B2 battle droids, freeing a dozen prisoners (none of them Jedi), as the droid MY-0K makes an unexpected apparition through a small air vent.

Meanwhile, Eshu and KZ3R successfully infiltrate the command center. KZ3R is about to access the mainframe computer, when an alarm starts to resonate throughout the imperial base…

Eshu Tahal KZ3R Vasha Stormtamer Zuur Durjja

Kalor Salaban III Keees Preku Ludra Tryles Leran Zarin MY-0K Ni'maani Zurek Ohim


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