Star Wars: A Flicker of Hope

S02E01 - A New Beginning

Escaping Nar Shaddaa

Nar Shaddaa Pursued by the Defiant Star and several starfighters originating from Zulos Anjiliac Preor‘s House of Sins, our heroes hastily take off aboard their “new” space transport. An Imperial Star Destroyer appears on the horizon, seemingly on an intercept course with the Last Gambit. After a brief but violent engagement above Nar Shaddaa (during which an imperial starfighter unexpectedly intervene on our heroes’ behalf), the Last Gambit enters hyperspace moments before being permanently disabled. After a few hasty repairs, our heroes elect the city of Mos Eisley on Tatooine as their next destination. Here they will be able to regroup and make all necessary adjustments before undertaking any new venture.


Our heroes arrive on Tatooine aboard their severely battered starship. While repairs are underway, they decide on their next move and prepare accordingly. They are to proceed to Dorin in order for Eshu Tahal to reunite with (or confront) his former charge, the gorgeous and elusive senator from
Alsakan, Lenka Rislan. Vasha Stormtamer invokes another reason for them to travel to Dorin. His former master came into possession of MY-0K after a brief sojourn on the planet—some answers about Kieran Tasiri’s mysterious mission might be found there.

Hunted by the empire and criminal elements in the service of Kalor Salaban III, our heroes resolve to proceed with care and hide their identity. On Dorin, the Jedi Knight Joeema Oprin will play the role of a rich noblewoman while the others will pose as her personal retinue. After one week on Tatooine, proper disguises have been bought, forgeries prepared, resources replenished and new gear acquired. The Last Gambit’s transponder having been properly modified, our heroes are now ready to depart for the Kel-Dor homeworld.

Eshu Tahal KZ3R Vasha Stormtamer Zuur Durjja

Ciana Zarin Joeema Oprin Ni'maani R5-P6 Vora Synn Yen Prip


hugolabreche hugolabreche

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