Star Wars: A Flicker of Hope

S03E01 - Hunted to the Darker Recesses of the Galaxy, Part I

What Comes Next

After escaping the Dorin system, our heroes opt to stop once more on Tatooine in order to regroup, reequip, and above all, to decide on their next course of action.

During the trip in hyperspace, Zuur Durjja informs his companions that some Antarian Rangers have been captured by the Empire and are held prisoner on Despayre in the Horuz system. He would like to travel to the penal world in search of his long lost brother.

Eshu Tahal reveals that he knows the penal world all too well, having escaped Despayre only a few months before joining Soleil‘s operation. Although, it is literally the last place in the Galaxy he wants to revisit, he would agree to return for Zuur’s sake.

For his part, Vasha Stormtamer tells his comrades that Vora Synn will be waiting for them on Bakura. They need to travel there if they are to retrieve MY-0K and help him continue his former master’s quest.

Both courses are acceptable to KZ3R. However, the droid believes that collecting specific informations about the imperial defenses of the Horuz system is first required if they are to have any significant probability of surviving an expedition on Despayre. Ni’maani is of the same opinion, adding that she believes that Vasha’s mission should be prioritized in the short term.

Tatooine The Last Gambit eventually reaches its destination, docking at Mos Esley. Yen Prip estimates that R5-P6 will need at least a few hours to carry out minor repairs on the ship. In the meantime, he will try to find some cargo to make the coming trip across the Galaxy somewhat profitable.

Ni’maani intends to use those few hours to make some purchases and meetup with some contacts. She asks Zuur to accompany her. Seeing this as a perfect opportunity to spend some alone time with the beautiful Twi’lek, the young Zabrak eagerly accept. An hour or so later, Eshu and Vasha decide to follow suit, and hoping the droid will be more generous with its credits than last time, convince KZ3R to tag along.

While returning to the Last Gambit, Eshu, Vasha and KZ3R are suddenly fired upon by a sniper hidden on top of one of the numerous buildings surrounding the spaceport. Eshu and KZ3R begin to run toward the Last Gambit, using their comlink to alert their companions of the attack.

Vasha succeeds in pinpointing the general direction of the far away gunman. He begins to run unexpectedly toward the sniper, drawing away fire from his fleeing comrades. The Jedi uses the Force to move at superhuman speed, rapidly closing the gap between himself and their elusive assailant.

In a different part of Mos Esley, fearing another ambush, Zuur immediately moves to retrieve Ni’maani from the adjacent backroom where she was conducting her business. He suddenly bursts in and forcefully pull her away as the building is riddled by blaster fire. They make a quick escape through a side door, but are soon forced to stop and take cover in a nearby alley. Their situation seems dire as they are being surrounded by more than a dozen ruffians led by a well-armed Trandoshan. Zuur activates his comlink and apprises his companions of his predicament.

A few seconds later, Eshu and KZ3R reach the Last Gambit and climb onboard. The boarding ramp is still extended as the ship take off. Eshu straps himself to the ship. He positions himself outside on the ramp, his blaster carbine at the ready, as Yen Prip undertakes to recklessly maneuver the space transport toward Zuur’s location. Once there, Eshu cuts down a few hostiles with his blaster carbine. A firefight ensues.

Moments later R5-P6 uses the Last Gambits laser cannons to blow up a nearby building. The remaining ruffians scatter, our heroes losing track of the Trandoshan in the ensuing chaos. Meanwhile, Vasha successfully overtake gunman’s position. The surprised Umbaran is definitely no match for a Jedi and is forced to surrender.

Once Ni’maani and Zuur are on board, the Last Gambit returns to the spaceport to retrieve Vasha and his prisoner. Our heroes makes haste in order to leave the planet orbit, entering hyperspace as soon as they are able.

Eshu Tahal KZ3R Vasha Stormtamer Zuur Durjja

Ni'maani Obran Tashi Ool Nask R5-P6 Yen Prip


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