Star Wars: A Flicker of Hope

S03E03 - Living in Synn

A Search for Jedi


As the Last Gambit makes its approach toward Bakura, KZ3R warns the others that beside the Kurtzen, a sentient species indigenous to Bakura, non-humans are almost unheard of on the planet. More importantly, KZ3R explains that droids are both extremely rare and illegal on Bakura.

With the notable exceptions of Eshu Tahal and Vasha Stormtamer, our heroes risk drawing undue attention on themselves if they do not take extra care while interacting with the locale populace. Accordingly, it is agreed that Yen Prip and R5-P6 will remain within the confines of the ship during their sojourn. Likewise, Zuur Durjja, KZ3R and Ni’maani intend to use heavy cloaks, disguises and other artifices to hide their alien (or mechanical) features, while searching for the fugitive Vora Synn.

Upon their arrival on Bakura, our heroes first dock near the capital city of Salis D’aar. To help their search, Vasha shares with his companions a detailed description of the structure he saw in the Force-induced vision shared by Vora Synn on Dorin. By accessing the planet’s information grid, KZ3R identifies a mining arcology located in the northern end of the continent, presenting itself as an entire city self-contained within a single massive tower, rising more than a kilometer high above ground, as the probable structure described by the Jedi. The Last Gambit immediately departs for the mining arcology, eventually landing on the adjacent airstrip.

Our heroes make a first foray into the confines of the heavily populated structure. While initially unable to uncover any clue regarding Vora Synn or the Defiant Star, they are able to familiarize themselves with the city. It appears that the actual mining operations are located under the Arcology. The first levels of the kilometer-high tower is reserved for commerce and entertainment, while the next few levels serve to accommodate the office spaces of the private companies authorized to exploit the underground mines. For their parts, the upper echelons of the tower are reserved to house the mine workers, corporate executives and other permanent denizens of the archology.

In the next few days, Eshu, KZ3R, Vasha, Zuur and Ni’maani make several more forays into the Archology, individually or in small groups, in order to locate the elusive Vora Synn.

Eventually, Zuur hears about a small cantina often visited by a wookiee. He makes some arrangements for a message to be delivered to Lowpirr, the next time the wookiee visits the establishment.

During this time, our heroes are made aware of the progressive arrival of several Gand-operated starships around the Arcology. The locals are visibly intimidated by the increasing presence of these unknown and sinister-looking aliens.

Eshu Tahal KZ3R Vasha Stormtamer Zuur Durjja

Ni'maani R5-P6 Yen Prip


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