Star Wars: A Flicker of Hope

S03E05 - Once Upon a Time in Bakura, Part II

Attack of the Gands


Shortly after receiving the distress call from Yen Prip, Vasha Stormtamer and Vora Synn move out of the apartment. They quickly join up with Eshu Tahal, KZ3R, Zuur Durjja and Lowpirr on the 2nd-level of the Arcology. Visibly shaken, Zuur warns the others that Ni’maani is in danger somewhere else in the Arcology.

KZ3R slices the Arcology’s computer system. Accessing the Arcology’s security cameras, the droid spots a dozen Gands of the 25th and 26th-level of the Arcology. By their positioning, Eshu assesses that they are strategically pushing a prey they are tracking toward an ambush on the 26th-level. Our heroes are now convinced that they need to rescue Ni’maani on that level. KZ3R identifies two possible routes to reach their destination. According to the droid, they can either take a lift located on the 2nd-level of the Arcology, or move up one level to reach another lift.

Our heroes still have to the discuss what to do with the Gands surrounding the Defiant Star. Vora Synn states that she can take care of those with Lowpirr’s assistance. She bestows Vasha their former master’s lightsaber and shows him how to activate its integrated beckon call in order to summon the the Defiant Star. Eshu, KZ3R, Vasha and Zuur quickly leave to go rescue Ni’maani, while Vora and the Wookiee move down one level toward the airstrip.

While approaching the general direction of the the two lifts, our heroes eventually reach a food court located next to the large central open space that crosses the first five levels of the structure. Zuur notices several Gands blocking the way to a corridor leading to the first lift, while entrenched next to a staircase leading to the 3rd-level of the Arcology.

The Zabrak scout moves through the teeming crowd of human workers and aim his rifle at the Gands. Noticing Zuur, the Gands open fire indiscriminately in the general direction of Zuur, leaving him unscathed, but cutting down several bystanders.

The crowd scatters in a panic.

For his part, Vasha uses the Force to move pieces of furniture and create an improvised cover for himself and the others, while Eshu use stealth to close the gap between him and the Gands.

During the ensuing battle our heroes feel a strange presence. They feel more composed throughout the fight and are more coordinated with their attacks. They are also surprised when two armed imperial clones located on the other side of the central multileveled open area of the structure open fires on the Gands with an impressive arsenal, notably a missile launcher.

The Gands opposition is still fierce. Eshu ends the fight by making use of his thermal detonator to decimate the opposition. Slicing back into the Arcology’s system, KZ3R determines that he lift on the 3rd-level is now their best option, the one on this level being the site of a fierce and chaotic skirmish between several Gands and the local security forces.

Reaching the 3rd-level of the Arcology, our heroes come face to face with Ciana Zarin. Certainly with ulterior motives, the imperial squadron leader appears nonetheless committed to assist our heroes in defeating the Gands and rescuing their missing companion.

Eshu Tahal KZ3R Vasha Stormtamer Zuur Durjja

Ciana Zarin Lowpirr MY-0K Ni'maani R5-P6 Vora Synn Yen Prip


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