Star Wars: A Flicker of Hope

S03E06 - Once Upon a Time in Bakura, Part III

The Final Showdown


Our heroes decide to exit the lift on the 27th-level of the Arcology instead of exiting on the 26th-level where their foes certainly lie in ambush. Intending to surprise the Gands by taking the stairs, Eshul, KZ3R, Vasha and Zuur, along with Ciana Zarin, quickly storm through a long windowed corridor. They can see down below an exterior courtyard and witness the landing of a Ghtroc 720 freighter.

Running downstair to the 26th-level, the group notice several Gands further away. Seemingly unaware of our heroes presence, the Gands are moving toward the exterior courtyard with a slow moving coffin-shaped crate in tow.

An epic battle ensues, during which our heroes valiantly vanquish the Gand leader, First of Many, and prevent their foes from escaping with Niā€™manni.

Most of the Gands have been killed or incapacitated, when two clone troopers emerge to assist Eshu and Zuur in eliminating a few straddlers. The Defiant Star autonomously lands on the exterior courtyard, as the Ghtroc freighter takes to the air.

In the aftermath, an important contingent of security officers invest the exterior courtyard. Ciana uses her influence to make sure they do not hamper our heroes in any significant way.

Eshu Tahal KZ3R Vasha Stormtamer Zuur Durjja

Ciana Zarin MY-0K Ni'maani Zukyk


hugolabreche hugolabreche

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