Star Wars: A Flicker of Hope

S03E07 - Notoriety Without Fame

A reversal of fortune

Bakura While Ciana Zarin talks with the leadership of the Arcology’s security forces, Vasha frees an unconscious Ni’maani from the repulsor-propulsed coffin that was left begin by the Gands. Eshu, Zuur and KZ3R search their foes for clues.

Our heroes help Ni’maani inside the Defiant Star. Before taking off, Eshu briefly confers with Ciana Zarin. The imperial officer reiterates that her father has a proposition to make. Eshu accepts to meet with her again in a few weeks time on Agamar.

Agamar A few days after arriving on Agamar, our heroes decide to case the cantina where the meeting with the imperials will take place. There they come face to face with the Umbaran assassin and the Transoshan bounty hunter that ambushed them on Tattooine several weeks before. Obran Tashi and Ool Nask are livid. They just heard about our heroes defeating First of Many and want nothing to do with our heroes or the numerous bounties on their heads…

Eshu Tahal KZ3R Vasha Stormtamer Zuur Durjja

Ciana ZarinLowpirrMY-0KNi'maaniObran Tashi
Ool NaskR5-P6Vora SynnYen PripZukyk


hugolabreche hugolabreche

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