Star Wars: A Flicker of Hope

S03E04 - Once Upon a Time in Bakura, Part I
Jedi Hunters


After receiving an answer from Lowpirr, Eshu, KZ3R, Vasha and Zuur leave the Last Gambit to meet with him. At the cantina, the tall nervous Wookiee can be easily picked out from the other patrons. Once he recognises Zuur and Vasha, Lowpirr rises from his bar stool and signals the group to follow.

The Wookiee leads our heroes through the Arcology up to the upmost residential levels of the massive structure. Eventually, he stops in front of a doorway, knocking two times, then one time, then three times, before opening the door and signaling the others to enter the before him.

Our heroes venture warily into a luxurious apartment. The Wookiee closes the door behnd them and signals them to continue toward the living room. Lowpirr remains behind. Shortly afterward, Vora Synn makes her entrance along with MY-0K. The Black Dove eventually agrees to let Vasha take possession of the droid, who eagerly floats right next to Zuur. After Vora Synn expresses the desire to talk more privately with Vasha, the rest of the group decide to return to the ship, leaving both Jedi behind.

Eshu, KZ3R, Zuur, Lowpirr and Mynock reaches the lower levels of the tower when our heroes receive a distress call from Yen Prip. The pilot explains that the ship is being surrounded by a menacing group of Gands, and is being locked in place by some sort of device preventing take off. The comlink communication is suddenly cut off.

A few moments later, Ni’maani uses the Force to warn Zuur that she is herself in trouble…

Eshu Tahal KZ3R Vasha Stormtamer Zuur Durjja

Lowpirr MY-0K Ni'maani R5-P6 Vora Synn Yen Prip Zukyk

S03E03 - Living in Synn
A Search for Jedi


As the Last Gambit makes its approach toward Bakura, KZ3R warns the others that beside the Kurtzen, a sentient species indigenous to Bakura, non-humans are almost unheard of on the planet. More importantly, KZ3R explains that droids are both extremely rare and illegal on Bakura.

With the notable exceptions of Eshu Tahal and Vasha Stormtamer, our heroes risk drawing undue attention on themselves if they do not take extra care while interacting with the locale populace. Accordingly, it is agreed that Yen Prip and R5-P6 will remain within the confines of the ship during their sojourn. Likewise, Zuur Durjja, KZ3R and Ni’maani intend to use heavy cloaks, disguises and other artifices to hide their alien (or mechanical) features, while searching for the fugitive Vora Synn.

Upon their arrival on Bakura, our heroes first dock near the capital city of Salis D’aar. To help their search, Vasha shares with his companions a detailed description of the structure he saw in the Force-induced vision shared by Vora Synn on Dorin. By accessing the planet’s information grid, KZ3R identifies a mining arcology located in the northern end of the continent, presenting itself as an entire city self-contained within a single massive tower, rising more than a kilometer high above ground, as the probable structure described by the Jedi. The Last Gambit immediately departs for the mining arcology, eventually landing on the adjacent airstrip.

Our heroes make a first foray into the confines of the heavily populated structure. While initially unable to uncover any clue regarding Vora Synn or the Defiant Star, they are able to familiarize themselves with the city. It appears that the actual mining operations are located under the Arcology. The first levels of the kilometer-high tower is reserved for commerce and entertainment, while the next few levels serve to accommodate the office spaces of the private companies authorized to exploit the underground mines. For their parts, the upper echelons of the tower are reserved to house the mine workers, corporate executives and other permanent denizens of the archology.

In the next few days, Eshu, KZ3R, Vasha, Zuur and Ni’maani make several more forays into the Archology, individually or in small groups, in order to locate the elusive Vora Synn.

Eventually, Zuur hears about a small cantina often visited by a wookiee. He makes some arrangements for a message to be delivered to Lowpirr, the next time the wookiee visits the establishment.

During this time, our heroes are made aware of the progressive arrival of several Gand-operated starships around the Arcology. The locals are visibly intimidated by the increasing presence of these unknown and sinister-looking aliens.

Eshu Tahal KZ3R Vasha Stormtamer Zuur Durjja

Ni'maani R5-P6 Yen Prip

S03E02 - Hunted to the Darker Recesses of the Galaxy, Part II
Covering Their Tracks

Tatooine Now safely in hyperspace, our heroes can finally interrogate their prisoner. Obran Tashi is surprisingly talkative once he is told that his life might be spared. He explains that none of it was personal. Insisting that his partner and him were simply trying to make a living. It appears that our heroes have several contracts on their head—both the Empire, the Hutts of the Anjiliac clan, and the powerful Black Sun crime syndicate have put a significant price out for their capture or death.

The Umbaran explains further that the most lucrative bounty is—by far—the one offered by the Black Sun for Ni’maani’s capture. Even though the Jedi Vasha Stormtamer is slightly worth more alive to the Empire, than dead to the Black Sun or Anjiliac clan, his upmost priority was to capture the Twi’lek and, given the opportunity, to terminate Vasha, Zuur and Eshu.

When asked how he was able to find them so quickly — after all they were on Tatooine for less than a day — he explains that a homing beacon has been placed on the Last Gambit. A cursory examination by KZ3R reveals a few tracking devices hidden in the interior of their ship.

After obtaining all the information they feel they would get from their prisoner, our heroes opt to leave the Umbaran assassin in the middle of the desert on Tatooine, with a weapon and enough food and water to survive the trek back to “civilization”.

Agamar In order to make a more exhaustive search for homing beacons or other surveillance devices that might have been hidden on their ship, our heroes first need to reach a spaceport. To maximize their chance to elude discovery and not lead their enemies to their final destination, they opt to make a large detour in hyperspace, eventually docking on Agamar.

Their extensive investigation of The Last Gambit’s interior and exterior reveals several tracking devices, the most blatant on the top exterior of the fuselage, the most discrete buried deep inside the ship’s circuitry. When KZ3R is confident that all such hidden surveillance devices or beacons have been uncovered (a 97,98467% probability according to his calculations), our heroes finally take off and plot a course for Bakura.

Eshu Tahal KZ3R Vasha Stormtamer Zuur Durjja

Ni'maani Obran Tashi R5-P6 Yen Prip

S03E01 - Hunted to the Darker Recesses of the Galaxy, Part I
What Comes Next

After escaping the Dorin system, our heroes opt to stop once more on Tatooine in order to regroup, reequip, and above all, to decide on their next course of action.

During the trip in hyperspace, Zuur Durjja informs his companions that some Antarian Rangers have been captured by the Empire and are held prisoner on Despayre in the Horuz system. He would like to travel to the penal world in search of his long lost brother.

Eshu Tahal reveals that he knows the penal world all too well, having escaped Despayre only a few months before joining Soleil‘s operation. Although, it is literally the last place in the Galaxy he wants to revisit, he would agree to return for Zuur’s sake.

For his part, Vasha Stormtamer tells his comrades that Vora Synn will be waiting for them on Bakura. They need to travel there if they are to retrieve MY-0K and help him continue his former master’s quest.

Both courses are acceptable to KZ3R. However, the droid believes that collecting specific informations about the imperial defenses of the Horuz system is first required if they are to have any significant probability of surviving an expedition on Despayre. Ni’maani is of the same opinion, adding that she believes that Vasha’s mission should be prioritized in the short term.

Tatooine The Last Gambit eventually reaches its destination, docking at Mos Esley. Yen Prip estimates that R5-P6 will need at least a few hours to carry out minor repairs on the ship. In the meantime, he will try to find some cargo to make the coming trip across the Galaxy somewhat profitable.

Ni’maani intends to use those few hours to make some purchases and meetup with some contacts. She asks Zuur to accompany her. Seeing this as a perfect opportunity to spend some alone time with the beautiful Twi’lek, the young Zabrak eagerly accept. An hour or so later, Eshu and Vasha decide to follow suit, and hoping the droid will be more generous with its credits than last time, convince KZ3R to tag along.

While returning to the Last Gambit, Eshu, Vasha and KZ3R are suddenly fired upon by a sniper hidden on top of one of the numerous buildings surrounding the spaceport. Eshu and KZ3R begin to run toward the Last Gambit, using their comlink to alert their companions of the attack.

Vasha succeeds in pinpointing the general direction of the far away gunman. He begins to run unexpectedly toward the sniper, drawing away fire from his fleeing comrades. The Jedi uses the Force to move at superhuman speed, rapidly closing the gap between himself and their elusive assailant.

In a different part of Mos Esley, fearing another ambush, Zuur immediately moves to retrieve Ni’maani from the adjacent backroom where she was conducting her business. He suddenly bursts in and forcefully pull her away as the building is riddled by blaster fire. They make a quick escape through a side door, but are soon forced to stop and take cover in a nearby alley. Their situation seems dire as they are being surrounded by more than a dozen ruffians led by a well-armed Trandoshan. Zuur activates his comlink and apprises his companions of his predicament.

A few seconds later, Eshu and KZ3R reach the Last Gambit and climb onboard. The boarding ramp is still extended as the ship take off. Eshu straps himself to the ship. He positions himself outside on the ramp, his blaster carbine at the ready, as Yen Prip undertakes to recklessly maneuver the space transport toward Zuur’s location. Once there, Eshu cuts down a few hostiles with his blaster carbine. A firefight ensues.

Moments later R5-P6 uses the Last Gambits laser cannons to blow up a nearby building. The remaining ruffians scatter, our heroes losing track of the Trandoshan in the ensuing chaos. Meanwhile, Vasha successfully overtake gunman’s position. The surprised Umbaran is definitely no match for a Jedi and is forced to surrender.

Once Ni’maani and Zuur are on board, the Last Gambit returns to the spaceport to retrieve Vasha and his prisoner. Our heroes makes haste in order to leave the planet orbit, entering hyperspace as soon as they are able.

Eshu Tahal KZ3R Vasha Stormtamer Zuur Durjja

Ni'maani Obran Tashi Ool Nask R5-P6 Yen Prip

Before They Are Hanged
An Epilogue to Season Two

The Imperial Emblem Dorin system, Deadalis sector. Three imperial Star Destroyers are orbiting Dorin. The first two—a Venator-class and a Victory-class—are positioned above Providence and attempting to bombard the spaceport into oblivion despite the raging storm below. On the nearby Imperator-class Star Destroyer Exactor, the Stormtroopers of the 501st Legion prepare to launch a ground assault on the Old City.

  • Onboard the Venator-class Star Destroyer Valliant, Flight Captain Ciana Zarin is seen addressing Governor Leran Zarin:

Ciana Zarin: “Father. I made all necessary arrangements for them to be able to depart from the planet freely. I also gave discrete orders to minimise the damage inflicted to the spaceport in the general vicinity of their ship…”

Leran Zarin: “Good.”

Ciana Zarin: “Do you think HE suspects ?”

Leran Zarin: “I am not eager to find out. We need to plot a course for the Aeten system as soon as possible! If HE wants to see me, the meeting will be held on The Sky Citadel.”

Ciana Zarin : “I will relay your order to Captain Radkin immediately.”

Ciana Zarin Leran Zarin

  • In high orbit, Lenka Rislan’s impressive yacht is dwarfed by the three Star Destroyers below. Inside, the young senator is shown watching impassively the battle through a large observation window. A few moments later, an imposing figure clad in the red armor of the Imperial Guard enters the observation lounge. The figure removes his helmet, revealing the sinister smile of Zurek Ohim:

Zurek Ohim: “You will be happy to know that your ship has been authorized to depart for Imperial Center.”

Lenka Rislan: “I am ecstatic. I was so eager for you to finally go away.”

Zurek Ohim: “You misunderstand the situation. I will remain onboard. I must return to the Emperor without delay. It is the only reason why your ship can leave right away.”

Lenka Rislan: “Not good news then. I still need to endure your presence.”

Zurek Ohim: “You wound me. I thought you would be thrilled to have me with you on the way back—for old times’ sake.”

Throughout this exchange, Lenka’s beautiful but emotionless visage has not moved away from the window. The imperial guard eventually exits the room, to be soon replaced by Ackay Gunran. The senator’s head of security approaches his charge:

Ackay Gunran: “I will keep an eye on him and make certain he does not bother you again.”

Lenka Rislan: “It would be better for you to keep out of his way. Ohim has the Emperor’s favor. He will do as he wishes and we will make every efforts to accommodate him. I am not ready to lose you too.”

Gunran reaches the window and looks sideway toward Lenka Rislan, scrutinizing her still cold and impassive features. He moves a step back and places a comforting hand on the politician’s shoulder.

Ackay Gunran: “You are worried… About him.”

Lenka Rislan: “No. Not really. I am more worried about the population below. He survived Despayre. He will survive this… I am certain I will see him again…”

Both remains silent for a time.

Lenka Rislan: “Enough.”

Lenka Rislan removes Gunran’s hand from her shoulder and turns away from the window, suddenly facing her head of security.

Lenka Rislan: “Were you successful?”

Ackay Gunran: “Yes. They are hidden in the cargo hold.”

Lenka Rislan: “Make sure Ohim and our new passengers do not meet.”

Ackay Gunran: “Yes senator.”

Ackay Gunran Lenka Rislan Zurek Ohim

  • Meanwhile, on the planet’s surface, an injured Trenn Dar eventually reaches the spaceport, carrying the inanimate form of an unidentified humanoid above his left shoulder. In his right hand, the Jedi Knight holds his double-bladed lightsaber with one blade extended. As the Last Gambit departs, Trenn Dar is seen boarding a Firespray-31-class patrol and attack craft. We lose sight of the ship because of the storm.

Trenn Dar

  • Far from the city, but still within the confines of the magnetic storm, the Gotal Jedi Master Losh Gax and the Baran Do Sage Xol Kenyak are overseeing the evacuation of the Forgotten Temple and the dismantling of the New Jedi Covenant’s modular base. Most non-Kel-Dor seems to have already left, when Joeema Oprin and Ath Raal emerge from the underground tunnel linking the Forgotten Temple to the Old City.
  • Soon after, Joeema and one of the Caamasi refugees board the only starship still in the Temple, an ARC-170 starfighter, piloted by an unknown Sullustan. The ship quickly departs and, taking advantage of the storm, successfully avoids imperial notice. Joeema instructs the starfighter’s R4-series astromech droid to plot a course for Kessel.

Ath Raal Joeema Oprin Losh Gax Xol Kenyak

The Imperial Emblem Eventually, more than two thousand stormtroopers of the 501st Legion land on the planet and storm through the Old City. A short wile later, three full battalions of stormtroopers — along with an impressive contingent of AT-TE assault walkers — are gathering at the gates of Providence, preparing to invade the domed-city.

  • As lines after lines of stormtroopers are pouring into Providence, Brin Da’p confronts the advancing imperial troops, using the Force to make quick surgical attacks, retreating each time his position is compromised or just before being overtaken by barrages of blaster fire. The Bith Master applies his extensive telekinetic abilities to great effect, crushing AT-TEs against one another, making sure to slow the 501st Legion’s progression almost to a halt because of the wreckage.
  • After a few of those sporadic engagements, Brin Da’p notices the distant figure of Darth Vader among the stormtroopers. The dark lord of the Sith’s power seems limitless against the Jedi Master’s faltering telekinetic attacks. The Jedi Master is about to retreat one last time, when Vader’s attention is suddenly drawn away. The dark caped figure turns on his left and ignites his lightsaber before stepping out of sight.
  • Vader enters a sinuous side alley by himself and moves toward a lone Zabrak dressed in Jedi robes. Master Kyzen Tor ignites his lightsaber. A fierce lightsaber duel ensues.
  • After a few moments, an injured Darth Vader emerges back from the alley. Brin Da’p summons what remains of his power to collapse two massive buildings upon the Sith lord and the surrounding stormtroopers. The battle seems to completely stop for a time as the dust settle. Satisfied, Brin Da’p brushes his hands off and is about to leave, when the cluster of debris under which Vader has been buried begins to vibrate and shake…

Brin Da'p Kyzen Tor

All Terrain Tactical Enforcer (AT-TE)

S02E01 - A New Beginning
Escaping Nar Shaddaa

Nar Shaddaa Pursued by the Defiant Star and several starfighters originating from Zulos Anjiliac Preor‘s House of Sins, our heroes hastily take off aboard their “new” space transport. An Imperial Star Destroyer appears on the horizon, seemingly on an intercept course with the Last Gambit. After a brief but violent engagement above Nar Shaddaa (during which an imperial starfighter unexpectedly intervene on our heroes’ behalf), the Last Gambit enters hyperspace moments before being permanently disabled. After a few hasty repairs, our heroes elect the city of Mos Eisley on Tatooine as their next destination. Here they will be able to regroup and make all necessary adjustments before undertaking any new venture.


Our heroes arrive on Tatooine aboard their severely battered starship. While repairs are underway, they decide on their next move and prepare accordingly. They are to proceed to Dorin in order for Eshu Tahal to reunite with (or confront) his former charge, the gorgeous and elusive senator from
Alsakan, Lenka Rislan. Vasha Stormtamer invokes another reason for them to travel to Dorin. His former master came into possession of MY-0K after a brief sojourn on the planet—some answers about Kieran Tasiri’s mysterious mission might be found there.

Hunted by the empire and criminal elements in the service of Kalor Salaban III, our heroes resolve to proceed with care and hide their identity. On Dorin, the Jedi Knight Joeema Oprin will play the role of a rich noblewoman while the others will pose as her personal retinue. After one week on Tatooine, proper disguises have been bought, forgeries prepared, resources replenished and new gear acquired. The Last Gambit’s transponder having been properly modified, our heroes are now ready to depart for the Kel-Dor homeworld.

Eshu Tahal KZ3R Vasha Stormtamer Zuur Durjja

Ciana Zarin Joeema Oprin Ni'maani R5-P6 Vora Synn Yen Prip

Best Served Cold
An Epilogue to Season One

Jedi Order Nar Shaddaa, Y’Toub system, Hutt Space. Our heroes flees through the Smuggler’s Moon‘s crowded streets and alleys, Zulos the Hutt’s minions in hot pursuit. As they are about to reach the Last Gambit, they fail to notice a Wookiee and a strange droid, crossing briefly their path and moving with haste in the opposite direction.

  • The camera follows Lowpirr and MY-0K as they approach a familiar-looking space transport. As the Wookiee and the droid boards the Defiant Star, we are shown its cockpit. The camera reveals a furious Vora Synn prepping the ship for takeoff.

Lowpirr MY-0K Vora Synn

  • The camera closes in on one of the massive towers spawning Nar Shaddaa’s upper levels. Indoor, cloaked figures are seen engaged in an elaborate ceremony. One of the participants removes his hood, revealing the cold calculating visage of the Arkanian crime lord Soleil, who is being reinstated to the rank of Black Sun Vigo.

Kalor Salaban III

  • Meanwhile, in a poorly lit room, the form of Ludra Tryles can be glimpsed through the glass of a bacta tank. The unconscious female warrior is severely injured, one of her legs is missing.

Ludra Tryles

Black Sun Even though most of his plans came to fruition, having successfully rejoined the Black Sun crime syndicate, Kalor Salaban III is seething with rage. The fate of his right hand Ludra Tryles is uncertain since her brutal encounter with the rogue Jedi Vora Synn. Most importantly, his ungrateful former left hand has actually chosen to betray him.

  • In a luxurious hospital room, Kalor Salaban III is seen standing next to a bed where lies the unconscious form of Ludra Tryles. The human warrior seems to have mostly recovered from her wounds. Her missing leg has been replaced. A surprisingly well-mannered Gamorrean enters the room, followed by a few servants carrying a man-sized crate. The crate is placed in an upright position facing the bed. The newcomers bow down to the crime lord. The Gamorrean opens the crate, revealing an impressive battle armor.
  • A few days later, a visibly upset Soleil hastily enters the hospital room and finds the bed empty. Ludra’s new Mandalorin armor is also missing from its crate. The Arkanian crime lord composes himself, taking on his usual aloof demeanor to address a sinister-looking figure clad in black armor. After all, revenge is a dish best served cold…

Kalor Salaban III Ludra Tryles

  • Brev Fresk’lya returns to Little Bothawui after a brief absence to find it in complete disarray. The small cantina that serves as the Bothan spymaster’s base of operation on Nar Shaddaa has been recently attacked. Fresk’lya enters the front room of the establishment. A large part of the floor has been totally obliterated by an explosion resulting from what can only have been a thermal detonator, while the rest is still covered with debris, blood spatters, and various pieces of flesh or furniture… And among the rubbles, many dead or severely injured Bothans. Disgusted and upset by the carnage, Fresk’lya crosses the littered cantina floor to the reinforced door at the back. He enters the intact security chamber behind and plays a holorecording of the events that have just transpired.

Brev Fresk'lya

  • A thermal detonator is seen rolling from the entrance to near the middle of the cantina floor. It explodes a few seconds later, leaving an empty crater and a few partly atomized stools, tables and bodies in its immediate wake. A rugged Rodian holding an heavily customized BlasTech DT-12 heavy pistol makes his entrance:

Keees Preku: “Fresk’lya! Brev FRESK-LY-A!”

The Rodian raises his weapon and spray the room with blaster fire in autofire mode, cutting down any Bothan in sight before they have any time to grab a weapon, take cover or otherwise react.

Keees Preku: “Black Sun sends its regards!”

The Rodian fires a few more times indiscriminately before making his exit.

Keees Preku

Episode VIII - Big Trouble in Nar Shaddaa, Part II
A Daring Rescue

“What do we have here! Mynocks in my abode! And with them another Jedi! How delectable… I think there is no better opportunity to demonstrate the deadly efficacy of my new military droids—courtesy of our imperial friends.”

Zulos the Hutt

Nar Shaddaa Ni’maani and our heroes decide to join forces. The beautiful Twi’lek shares some dire news about Ludra Tryles, left between life and death following a violent encounter with a Vora Synn, a rogue Jedi hunting Vasha. Our heroes explain to Ni’maani that they intend to break into Zulos the Hutt‘s House of Sins to liberate the Jedi Knight offered for auction. The Twi’lek agrees to take an active part in this endeavor.

Brev Fresk’lya provides Eshu, Vasha et Zuur with a map to the House of Sins, along with working access codes. Meanwhile, KZ3R meets up with a Gran pilot , securing transportation out of world for the group. Everything seems now perfectly set for the daring rescue attempt.

Our heroes successfully infiltrate the House of Sins’ lower levels and reach a large octagon-shaped open area identified on their map as the location where the Jedi should be located, defeating a few battle droids along the way. As they endeavor to free a lone female captive held in a force cage in the middle of the darkened oversized room, our heroes hear the projected voice of Zulos the Hutt who seems to address them directly. The room is suddenly illuminated, revealing around them what appears to be an arena floor. A few seconds later, two droideka battle droids engage the female Jedi and our heroes…

Eshu Tahal KZ3R Vasha Stormtamer Zuur Durjja

Joeema Oprin Ni'maani R5-P6 Yen Prip

Alexandre Major as Zulos Anjiliac Preor

Episode VII - Big Trouble in Nar Shaddaa, Part I
Hunted Down

Nar Shaddaa While Vasha Stormtamer is desperately trying to elude his numerous pursuers through the Smuggler’s Moon‘s labyrinthine streets and alleys, KZ3R, Zuur Durjja and Eshu Tahal, learn of Kalor Salaban III’s treachery from Ni’maani. They retrieve compromising information on Soleil from the Sun’s Glory’s computer, leaving the confines of the grounded ship in quite a spectacular fashion—by activating an escape pod.

Our heroes successfully escape their former employer’s minions and regroup to a secret location provided by the Bothan spy Brev Fresk’lya to plan their future course of action.

Eshu Tahal KZ3R Vasha Stormtamer Zuur Durjja

Brev Fresk'lya Ludra Tryles Ni'maani

Episode VI - Another Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy
Intrigue and Betrayal

Nar Shaddaa KZ3R arranges a meeting between his associates and a mysterious entity. Eshu Tahal and Zuur Durjja agrees to accompany their droid ally to the meeting place. Meanwhile, Vasha Stormtamer will escort the crime lord Kalor Salaban III and the Twi’lek Ni’maani to the Auction.

On the steps of Zulos Anjiliac Preor‘s House of Sins, Vasha is ambushed by Keees Preku and a small contingent of Stormtroopers. The young jedi decides to run. Ni’maani discretely helps Vasha escape, diverting the attention of his pursuers elsewhere.

Meanwhile, Eshu, KZ3R and Zuur meet up with an enthusiastic Bothan information broker who offers them assistance in exchange of incriminating data proving Soleil’s involvement in the Battle of Dreighton debacle of a year ago.

Eshu Tahal KZ3R Vasha Stormtamer Zuur Durjja

Brev Fresk'lya Kalor Salaban III Keees Preku Ni'maani