Losh Gax

Eldest member of the New Jedi Covenant on Dorin


Medium Gotal jedi 7/force adept 5/jedi master 4
Force 18 Dark Side 1
Init +5; Senses low-light vision; Perception +18
Languages Basic, Gotal, Kel Dor, High Galactic, Sith

Defenses Fort 27, Ref 26 (flat-footed 26), Will 35
hp 85; Threshold 27

Speed 6 squares
Melee lightsaber +12 (2d8 +4) or
Melee lightsaber (Kinetic Combat) +21 (2d8 +14)
Ranged by weapon +11
Base Atk +14; Grp +11
Special Actions Instinctive Defense
Force Powers Known2 (Use the Force +24) dark transfer [DS], enlighten [LS, MA], farseeing, force shield, force disarm, force grip, force slam (x2), force storm [DS], kinetic combat, levitate, malacia [LS], mind trick [MA] (x2), move object, morichro, obscure [MA], negate energy (x2), rebuke (x2), sever force [LS], thought bomb [MA], vital transfer [LS]
Force Regimens (Force Regimen Aptitude +5) Awaken Force Sensitivity, Eyes of the Force1, Oxygen Bottle, Quiet the Mind, Vo’ren’s Fourth Cadence, Vo’ren’s Fifth Cadence2
Force Techniques Force Point Recovery, Improved Rebuke
Force Secrets Enlarged Power, Holocron Loremaster, Quicken Power

Abilities Str 3, Dex 4, Con 6, Int 16, Wis 20, Cha 22
Special Qualities:1 energy reading, fearless, sensor cones, serenity
Talents Channel Energy, Disciplined Strike, Force Focus, Force Harmony, Force Treatment, Influence Savant, Mind Probe, Regimen Aptitude, Suppress Force
Feats Force Regimen Mastery, Force Boon, Force Sensitivity, Force Training (x4), Instinctive Defense, Recall, Skill Focus (Use the Force, Knowledge [galactic lore]), Weapon Proficiency (lightsabers, simple weapons)
Skills Knowledge (galactic Lore) +21, Knowledge (social sciences) +16, Knowledge (life sciences) +16, Perception +18, Use the Force +241 (can substitute Treat Injury checks)
Possessions Jedi holocron, Jedi robes, lightsaber (self made), wax cylinders, Sith holocron

1 Unless he expects violence, Losh Gax favors the Eyes of the Force regimen and has its DC 23 effect active at all time, thus gaining a +2 Force bonus on the Telepathy application of the Use the Force skill, along with the ability of sensing the target’s surface emotions and stray thoughts. Coupled with his energy reading natural ability, the use of this regimen gives him amazing insight into anyone’s psyche and motives.

2 When he expects combat, Losh Gax prepares the Vo’en’s Fifth Cadence regimen, thus having the chance (DC 43) of gaining an additional Kinetic Combat Force power to his Force suit, and the ability of spending a Force Point to reroll any Use the Force check made to activate a Force power with the [telekinetic] descriptor, keeping the better result.


Along with Brin Da’p and Kieran Tasiri, this venerable Gotal Jedi Master is a founding member of The New Jedi Covenant on Dorin.

A respected Jedi Master, he was appointed for several terms on the Council of First Knowledge, on which he actually sat longer than most Caretakers of First Knowledge ever did.

At the onset of the Clone Wars, after serving faithfully on the Council of First Knowledge for several decades, he stole several holocrons from the Holocron Vaults, leaving Coruscant for an unknown destination.

Losh Gax

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