Xol Kenyak

Baran Do Sage, honorary member of the New Jedi Covenant on Dorin


Medium Kel Dor noble 7/force adept 5 / force disciple 2
Force 18 (Precognitive Meditation) Dark Side 0
Init +8; Senses low-light vision; Use the Force +20
Languages Basic, Kel Dor, High Galactic

Defenses Fort 27, Ref 28 (flat-footed 27), Will 34
hp 70; Threshold 27

Speed 7 squares (Planetary Attunement)
Melee unarmed +8 (1d4 +6)
Ranged by weapon +10
Base Atk +9; Grp +10
Special Actions farseeing (Motion of the Future)
Force Powers Known1 (Use the Force +20) enlighten (x2), farseeing (x3), force disarm, force stun, mind trick, move object, negate energy, obscure, prescience, rebuke, sever force, vital transfer
Force Regimens Awaken Force Sensitivity, Eyes of the Force, Oxygen Bottle, Quiet the Mind1, Telekinetic Practice
Force Techniques Force Point Recovery, Improved Sense Force, Improved Sense Surroundings
Force Secrets Distant Power

Abilities Str 8, Dex 12, Con 10, Int 12, Wis 18, Cha 16
Special Qualities: indomitable, keen force sense, prophet
Talents1 Equilibrium, Esoteric Technique, Force Perception, Fortified Body, Motion of the Future, Mystic Mastery, Planetary Attunement, Precognitive Meditation
Feats Force Regimen Mastery, Force Sensitivity, Force Training (x3), Skill Focus (Use the Force, Knowledge [galactic lore]), Skill Training (Use the Force), Weapon Proficiency (Pistols, Simple Weapons)
Skills Initiative +13, Knowledge (galactic Lore) +18, Persuasion +15, Pilot +13, Ride +13, Treat Injury +16, Use Computer +13, Use the Force +20 (can substitute Perception checks)
Possessions antiox breath mask, Baran Do Sage robes, protective googles, The Eye of the Force

1 Xol Kenyak favors the Quiet the Mind regimen and usually has its DC 23 effect active at all time, thus gaining the benefits of the Visions Force talent and adding a fourth use of the farseeing Force power to his Force suite.


Not much is known about this contemplative and introspective seer and prophet, except that he was a former friend and ally to Kieran Tasiri.

In the waning days of the Old Republic, the Baran Do Sage offered a secluded and mostly abandoned Baran Do temple to the New Jedi Covenant to serve as their headquarter on Dorin and provide the secret society’s leadership a discreet meeting place, far away from the Jedi High Council’s prying eyes. Following Order 66, this secret haven became a rallying place for Jedi refugees and various Force sensitive individuals trying to escape the Imperial purge.

Xol Kenyak took upon himself, along with Jedi Master Brin Da’p to educate Ni’maani in the ways of the Force.

Xol Kenyak

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