Tag: Accessory


  • Electrum Detail

    A modification generally allowed only to high-ranking members of the Jedi Order, electrum detailing is usually a prestigious honor bestowed upon Jedi Masters as a sign of their rank and skill. A purely cosmetic accessory, electrum detail decorates the

  • Beckon Call

    A beckon call is a small communication device that links up with the slave circuits on a starship. When activated, the beckon call transmits a signal to the starship it is linked to, activating its autopilot programming and summoning the ship to the

  • Scomp Link

    A scomp link is a universal data port mounted on an extendable arm, available for many types of droids. Astromech droids have them as standard equipment. Scomp link ports are standard input/output links, found on computer systems and starships

  • Internal Defenses

    A droid with internal defenses has built-in defenses that operate independently of the droid. Anyone opening the droids maintenance or access panels without the droids permission receives an electric shock as a 1d20 +5 attack against the

  • Courier Compartments

    Droids are sometimes used as messengers to deliver important messages and items across the galaxy. To protect items entrusted into their care, these droids can have hidden courier compartments installed in their chassis. Such compartments are also

  • Credit Reader

    Interplanetary banks and crime lords have one common interest: They need to know how much money a client has before they do business. Whether a line of credit or hard currency, a credit reader determines whether a targets credits are real or if a

  • Holographic Game System

    In spite of all the utilitarian functions that a droid can perform, owners might want to use their droids for entertainment. A holographic game system provides fifteen of the galaxys more popular games, including dejarik and sabacc. The droid can

  • Hidden Holster

    Some fourth-degree droids lack built-in weapons attached directly to the droids appendages. This attachment gives a droid access to a weapon without having to visibly carry it. Installed in a droids leg, the holster can hold a weapon on

  • Sensor Booster

    Probe droids try to coax a little more range out of their sensor equipment to get that extra amount of information about the area they are scanning. A sensor booster is a droid enhancement that extends the range of its sensors to a maximum of 2

  • Sensor Countermeasure Package

    Droids operating covertly must avoid drawing attention to themselves. The sensor countermeasure package broadcasts signals that interfere with incoming sensor signals. A droid equipped with the sensor countermeasure package can make a Use Computer check

  • Remote Viewer

    The remote viewer is a small, self-contained visual and audio sensor attached to a micro-sized repulsorlift unit. Functioning as one of a droids regular audio and visual sensors, the remote viewer can be externally mounted, concealed, or made to

  • Multispectrum Searchlight

    This handheld or in stalled accessory is a powerful spotlight that shines visible, infrared , or ultraviolet light. It has a 6-km range and is powered by the droids own internal power supply. Droids able to see the projected light gain a +2

  • Duravlex Shell

    When the droid manufacturing company Roche designed its smelting droid, one of the largest hurdles was enabling the unit to resist the high temperatures that it must endure while working inside blast furnaces. After many failed attempts, Roches