Tag: CL 4


  • Keees Preku

    A former cellmate to [[:fx]], Keees intoduced the former senate guard to [[:ludra-tryles]] after retrieving [[:julien]] from dispensable ruffians.

    Ruthless, cruel, loyal to himself before all others, he had no pause betraying our heroes on [[: …

  • MY-0K

    This droid of unknown, but certainly ancient origins was discovered by [[:kieran|Kieran Tasiri]] on Dorin. It usually floats discreetly, not to far away from its master's side. The droid is curious and …

  • Lowpirr

    Lowpirr was liberated by [[:christian]] and [[:zuur-durjja]] from the Sky Citadel's imperial cells. They lost sight of him while escaping through the space station's air vents.

    Unknown to our heroes, he escaped the imperial base with [[:my-0k]] …