Tag: CL 6


  • Ludra Tryles

    Another Mandalorian serving among several mercenary units during most of her twenties, Ludra Tryles was recruited by [[:kalor]] a few years before the onset of the Clone Wars. A brilliant, no-nonsense tactician, she was instrumental in Soleil's rise to …

  • Ciana Zarin

    Adopted daughter of [[:leran | Leran Zarin]], she was part of the Imperial delegation sent on Nar Shaddaa to participate in the annual auction held by the Hutt crime lord [[:zulos | Zulos Anjiliac Preor]]. [[:christian | Vasha Stormtamer]] was able to …

  • Ackay Gunran

    This former law enforcement officer from Alsakan serves as head of security to its duly appointed imperial senator, [[:lenka]].