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  • Pulse Charger Weapon Upgrade

    Any blaster weapon can be fitted with a pulse charger. A pulse charger forces more power into the blast chamber, producing more powerful shots at the expense of lost accuracy this upgrade causes a -1 penalty on all attack rolls with the weapon, but the

  • Jump Servos Armor Upgrade

    Jump servos are a repulsorlift-aided system that assists in making long jumps. When wearing armor with this upgrade, you treat all jumps as running jumps. Additionally, you can reroll a failed Jump check (keeping the better result) and take 10 on Jump

  • Sigil Crystal

    A sigil crystal focuses the energy of a lightsaber blade with incredible efficiency, causing it to have a more devastating effect on a target. When you wield an attuned lightsaber with a sigil crystal, you gain a +2 Force bonus on damage rolls made with

  • Electrum Detail

    A modification generally allowed only to high-ranking members of the Jedi Order, electrum detailing is usually a prestigious honor bestowed upon Jedi Masters as a sign of their rank and skill. A purely cosmetic accessory, electrum detail decorates the

  • Beckon Call

    A beckon call is a small communication device that links up with the slave circuits on a starship. When activated, the beckon call transmits a signal to the starship it is linked to, activating its autopilot programming and summoning the ship to the

  • Storage Capacity Universal Upgrade

    This upgrade allows gear to carry smaller gear within or on it, in an obvious compartment. Equipment with the storage capacity upgrade can hold multiple items at least one size smaller than the equipment itself, as long as their total weight is less

  • Rangefinder Weapon Upgrade

    Any ranged weapon can have a rangefinder built into it. Such a weapon takes no penalty when used to attack target at short range. Thus, a blaster pistol with a rangefinder upgrade takes no range penalty on attacks against targets up to 40 squares away

  • Armorplast Armor Upgrade

    This upgrades the standard durasteel or other defensive plates of armor with high-strength amorplast or similar lightweight, high-cost material. This reduces the weight of the armor by 50%.


  • Powered Exoskeleton Armor Upgrade

    Much like the Corellian powersuit, other armor can be upgraded to include a powered exoskeleton that enhances the physical strength of the wearer. Because of the weight and energy required, only medium and heavy armor can have the powered exoskeleton

  • Spring Loaded Universal Upgrade

    Any equipment that can be held and used in one hand can be spring-loaded. Readying a spring loaded piece of equipment is a swift action. It is most common for pistols to be spring loaded, but anything from grenades to datapads can use this upgrade.

  • Rapid Recycler Weapon Upgrade

    A rapid recycler allows a blaster weapon that normally fires only in single shot mode to act in autofire mode. (This upgrade is not available for weapons that have a burst radius or splash radius, or weapons that specifically prohibit it.) Switching

  • Scomp Link

    A scomp link is a universal data port mounted on an extendable arm, available for many types of droids. Astromech droids have them as standard equipment. Scomp link ports are standard input/output links, found on computer systems and starships

  • Internal Defenses

    A droid with internal defenses has built-in defenses that operate independently of the droid. Anyone opening the droids maintenance or access panels without the droids permission receives an electric shock as a 1d20 +5 attack against the

  • Courier Compartments

    Droids are sometimes used as messengers to deliver important messages and items across the galaxy. To protect items entrusted into their care, these droids can have hidden courier compartments installed in their chassis. Such compartments are also

  • Credit Reader

    Interplanetary banks and crime lords have one common interest: They need to know how much money a client has before they do business. Whether a line of credit or hard currency, a credit reader determines whether a targets credits are real or if a

  • Holographic Game System

    In spite of all the utilitarian functions that a droid can perform, owners might want to use their droids for entertainment. A holographic game system provides fifteen of the galaxys more popular games, including dejarik and sabacc. The droid can

  • Hidden Holster

    Some fourth-degree droids lack built-in weapons attached directly to the droids appendages. This attachment gives a droid access to a weapon without having to visibly carry it. Installed in a droids leg, the holster can hold a weapon on

  • Sensor Booster

    Probe droids try to coax a little more range out of their sensor equipment to get that extra amount of information about the area they are scanning. A sensor booster is a droid enhancement that extends the range of its sensors to a maximum of 2

  • Sensor Countermeasure Package

    Droids operating covertly must avoid drawing attention to themselves. The sensor countermeasure package broadcasts signals that interfere with incoming sensor signals. A droid equipped with the sensor countermeasure package can make a Use Computer check

  • Remote Viewer

    The remote viewer is a small, self-contained visual and audio sensor attached to a micro-sized repulsorlift unit. Functioning as one of a droids regular audio and visual sensors, the remote viewer can be externally mounted, concealed, or made to

  • Multispectrum Searchlight

    This handheld or in stalled accessory is a powerful spotlight that shines visible, infrared , or ultraviolet light. It has a 6-km range and is powered by the droids own internal power supply. Droids able to see the projected light gain a +2

  • Duravlex Shell

    When the droid manufacturing company Roche designed its smelting droid, one of the largest hurdles was enabling the unit to resist the high temperatures that it must endure while working inside blast furnaces. After many failed attempts, Roches

  • Datadagger

    Simple Weapon
    A datadagger is an elaborate and decorative code cylinder (SE 134) that contains a hidden weapon. When the wielder twists the hilt, a needlelike blade extends from the socket. Since the blade is so well

  • Wrist Blaster

    For those needing the ultimate in discretion, a wrist blaster provides protection without drawing attention. It is popular with assassins, diplomats working in hostile territories, and other VIPs who hate being completely

  • Earbud Comlink

    The earbud comlink is a tiny comlink fitted for the wearers ear, allowing unobtrusive private communication for anyone needing to be discreet ambassadors, card cheats, and spies, for example. The earbud comlinks size, shape, and color give

  • Panic Ring

    Despite the name, this device is available in a variety of shapes and sizes, the most common being a large, ornamental ring. Diplomats, wealthy CEOs, and anyone who fears kidnapping or ambush wear panic rings. A secret catch (DC 25 Perception check)

  • Toxin Detector

    Assassination by poison is one of the dangers faced by nobles, politicians and other notable figures. This tiny handheld device scans food and drink to determine if it is spoiled or contains poison. Using the device requires a standard action. It has a

  • Surveillance Detector

    A surveillance detector is a small, handheld device that scans an area for eavesdropping devices and surveillance taggers (see below) . When activated, the surveillance detector grants a + 10 equipment bonus to Perception checks for locating active or

  • Retractable Stock Weapon Upgrade

    Any rifle or pistol (as well as rifle- or pistol-like exotic weapons) can have a retractable stock added. This upgrade requires 1 upgrade point for a pistol, but 0 upgrade points for a rifle. (A rifle already has a stock, which can be replaced with the

  • Slinker Weapon Upgrade

    Only slugthrowers and missile weapons can be upgraded as slinkers. Once a weapon is made a slinker, it can no longer fire normal ammunition (and slinker ammunition costs twice the normal price). Slinkers are equipped with simple sensors and battle

  • Shadowskin Armor Upgrade

    A matte black finish of light- and sensor-absorbing material, a shadowskin turns any armor coated with it into a stealth suit. Normally coupled with a sound dampener (included in this modification cost), it is difficult to see, hear or detect the armor

  • Ready Harness Armor Upgrade

    A ready harness is a series of hooks, straps, and clips distributed around the armor, designed to make equipment easily accessible and to settle its weight more comfortably on the wearers frame. A ready harness can hold two Small pieces of

  • Fiber Armor

    Light Armor

    Initially used on worlds where traditional armor plating was in short supply, fiber armor is specially designed to channel energy-weapon attacks away from the body. The various metal fibers woven into the exterior of

  • Vid-Vox Scrambler

    When activated, this Tiny handheld device emits a low-frequency wave that scrambles all video, audio, and holographic recording with in its area of effect, while leaving normal conversation unaffected. Vid-vox scramblers are prized by anyone worried

  • Gyro Armor Upgrade

    A gyro helps keep armor upright and stable, While wearing armor with this upgrade, you gain a +5 stability bonus on checks and all defenses to resist attempts to knock you prone.


  • Contact Stunner

    Simple Weapon

    Frequently sold as a personal protection device, the contact stunner is a small, inconspicuous weapon, the forward end of which is covered with over a dozen contact disks, enabling it to deliver a concentrated and,

  • War Sword

    Simple Weapon

    Also known as the longsword in most cultures, the war sword is a heavy, durable blade made of the finest metals. Before the advent of the lightsaber, war swords were the weapon of choice for both the Sith and the

  • Camouflage Poncho

    The camouflage poncho is worn over armor to conceal the wearer from being spotted. Special materials track the surrounding area and alter the pattern of the camouflage poncho, smoothing and blending the wearers silhouette. Typical examples

  • Ion Charger Weapon Upgrade

    An ion charger encases a melee weapon in a light ion field that flares to full strength anytime the weapon strikes something. This causes the melee weapon to deal 2d6 ion damage in addition to its normal melee damage. Feats and maneuvers that add to

  • Ryyk Blade

    Exotic Weapon

    A ryyk blade is a traditional Wookiee blade used for hunting, clearing paths and (if necessary) combat. The blade is always a broad, curved design, and the handle is wrapped in leather, but the exact style varies

  • Veridicator

    Worn as an inconspicuous bracelet, the veridicator uses sophisticated sensors to monitor a targets heart rate, pupil dilation, perspiration, and other involuntary stress responses. It compares this information to its internal database,

  • Bothan Weapon

    Bothan society is well known for its penchant for espionage, and the Bothans have developed methods of subduing targets without killing them. Bothan weapons deal +1 die of damage when set to stun or when dealing ion damage, but deal -1 die of damage

  • Remote Activation Universal Upgrade

    This upgrade allows a piece of equipment to be activated with a signal from a comlink or similar communication devices. Activating a remote is a swift action, which includes entering the special command code.

    The range of a remote activation is

  • Recognition System Universal Upgrade

    Equipment with a recognition system can identify its owner and wont function for anyone else. Fooling a recognition system takes 1 minute and a DC 30 Use Computer check. The owner can deactivate this upgrade as a free action. Optionally, the

  • Cloaked Universal Upgrade

    Cloaked equipment has its energy signature baffled, any noise it makes muffled, and its appearance camouflaged and slenderized, and it comes with a case that allows it to be placed in an inconspicuous location. When not in use, such equipment imposes a

  • Com Scrambler

    The com scrambler disrupts enemy communication, but it also scrambles friendly communication. Mounted on a backpack frame, a com scrambler can be carried to the front line and even into enemy territory, where it can be connected to a power source and

  • Mandalorian Armor Template

    Mandalorian armor is constructed of a rare iron alloy, favored for its strength and durability as well as its ability to turn away lightsaber attacks. The Mandalorians guard the secret of producing armor from this material, making it especially rare in

  • Vacuum Seals Armor Upgrade

    Any armor can be upgraded with vacuum seals, which include airtight gaskets around all joints and simple life support equipment that adds 2 kg of weight. This allows the armors wearer to survive up to 10 hours in the vacuum of space or any

  • Integrated Equipment Armor Upgrade

    An integrated equipment upgrade attaches one piece of equipment to the armor. The equipment must be three or more sizes smaller than the armor itself. This equipment is constantly ready for use and need not be drawn or prepared before being used.

  • Silverplate Universal Upgrade

    Silverplate is a special chroming process that adds a layer of tough composite material (often dallorian alloy) across the surface of any piece of gear. In addition to looking stylish, this gives the gear +2 DR. Armor with silverplate does not grant its

  • Surveillance Tagger

    The surveillance tagger is a tiny, unassuming tube containing a Fine sized dart and a compressed air canister. When fired, the dart attaches itself to the target with a combination of adhesives and magnetism and activates a homing beacon. The homing

  • Dueling Lightsaber


    The dueling lightsaber isnt so much a variant lightsaber as it is a hilt style engineered specifically to enhance lightsaber duels. Count Dooku and his apprentices, Komari Vosa and Asajj Ventress, wield dueling

  • Droidification Universal Upgrade

    Droidification is an extensive process that turns a common piece of equipment into a fully functioning droid. The equipment can either act as a droid with access to the equipment it was built from, or conceal itself as a normal piece of equipment. While

  • Miniaturized Universal Upgrade

    Equipment with the miniaturized upgrade weights half as much, and is one size smaller (see Equipment Sizes on page 38). A melee weapon that is miniaturized has its damage dice reduced by one step (d6s become d4s, d4s become d3s, and so on

  • Gand Weapon

    The Gand Species, peculiar and often incomprehensible, specializes in crafting Weapons that immobilizes opponents. If a Gand Manufacture Weapon moves a target down the Condition Track with its Stun damage, that target has its speed halved

  • Improved Energy Cell Weapon Upgrade

    A modification made only to pistols, rifles, heavy weapons, and exotic ranged weapons that require a power pack, the improved energy cell accessory increases the efficiency of the energy flow between a power pack and the weapons firing mechanism

  • Enhanced Energy Projector Weapon Upgrade

    The enhanced energy projector weapon accessory smooths the flow of power to an advanced melee weapon or a melee exotic weapon that requires a power pack, making it less likely to produce unpredictable results. A weapon with an enhanced energy projector

  • Double Trigger Weapon Upgrade

    A Weapon with a double trigger treats one trigger as a safety, with the second trigger being a hair trigger that fires when the slightest pressure is applied to it. Weapons of this type can be extremely accurate, since only a small amount

  • Hands-Free Comlink

    The hands-free comlink is a convenient device often used by beings working under conditions where both hands are needed to perform a task. This comlink consists of several linked sound-absorbing pads, placed on the face of the user and connected to an