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  • Zero Range

    You are lethal when using ranged weapons against adjacent targets.
    Prerequisite: Point Blank Shot
    Benefit: When firing a ranged weapon at a target within or adjacent to your fighting space, you gain a +1

  • Fatal Hit

    Enemies you take down dont get up again.
    Prerequisites: Strength 13, Dexterity 13.
    Benefit: When your attack drops a target to 0 hit points, you may choose to automatically kill that enemy even if the

  • Follow Through

    You have learned to take down an enemy with an attack and then use your momentum to dash across the battlefield.
    Benefit: If you deal enough damage to your opponent with a melee attack to reduce it to 0 hit points, you can

  • Cut the Red Tape

    You know how to work the bureaucratic system to get information you need.
    Prerequisite: Trained in the Knowledge (bureaucracy) skill.
    Benefit: You can use your Knowledge (bureaucracy) modifier instead of

  • Brilliant Defense

    You think quickly enough on your feet to stay alive in dangerous situations.
    Prerequisite: Intelligence 13.
    Benefit: Once per encounter, you can add your Intelligence bonus to your Reflex Defense as a

  • Combat Trickery

    You excel at deceiving others with your tricks and masterful feints in combat.
    Prerequisites: Trained in the Deception skill.
    Benefit: You can spend two successive swift actions on the same turn to make a

  • Silver Tongue

    You are adept at quickly changing a creatures attitude toward you.
    Prerequisite: Trained in the Persuasion skill.
    Benefit: You can intimidate a creature or change its attitude as a standard action.

  • Hijkata Training

    You are trained in the Hijkata style of unarmed fighting and can quickly turn enemiess attacks against them.
    Prerequisite: Combat Reflexes, Martial Arts I.
    Benefit: Once per round, when an adjacent

  • Bone Crusher

    You are skilled at dealing lasting damage to grappled opponents.
    Prerequisites: Crush, Pin.
    Benefit: When you deal damage to a grappled opponent, the opponent also moves -1 step on the condition track.


  • Sadistic Strike

    By dispatching a helpless creature, you terrify opponents around you.
    Benefit: When you deliver a coup de grace to a helpless creature, all opponents within line of sight move -1 step on the condition track until the end of the

  • Stand Tall

    Your courage under fire inspires those around you to acts of bravery.
    Benefit: Once per encounter when you take damage, all allies who are within 6 squares of you and within your line of sight can, as a reaction, make a single

  • Indomitable Personality

    Your powerful personality helps you cope with attacks that assault your will.
    Prerequisite: Charisma 13.
    Benefit: Once per encounter, you can add your Charisma bonus to your Will Defense as a reaction; this

  • Rancor Crush

    Your crushing hold on an enemy can knock it unconscious.
    Prerequisites: Strength 15, Crush, Pin, base attack bonus +1.
    Benefit: When you successfully pin an enemy with the Pin feat (see page 87 of the Saga

  • Predictive Defense

    The sharpness of your mind, not the speed of your reactions, allows you to avoid incoming attacks.
    Prerequisite: Intelligence 13.
    Benefit: You can use either your Dexterity modifier or your Intelligence

  • Intimidator

    When you intimidate others, either physically or verbally, you shake their confidence so severely that it affects their performance.
    Prerequisite: Trained in the Persuasion skill.
    Benefit: When you

  • Force of Personality

    As a result of your self-confidence and conviction, your will is strong.
    Prerequisite: Charisma 13.
    Benefit: You can use either your Wisdom modifier or your Charisma modifier to determine your Will Defense

  • Confident Success

    You have confidence in your ability to learn information that others consider secret, and in doing so, you boost your confidence in other areas.
    Prerequisite: Bothan species.
    Benefit: Whenever you

  • Jedi Heritage

    You come from a clan that has produced many Jedi, and you have overcome your species impulsiveness by becoming a master of the Force.
    Prerequisites: Twilek species, Force Sensitivity.

  • Pistoleer

    You are skilled in the use of pistols and gain certain benefits depending on which weapon you use.
    Prerequisite: Proficient with weapon used.
    Benefit: When you make a ranged attack with a pistol, you gain

  • Mighty Throw

    You are highly accurate with grenadelike weapons.
    Prerequisite: Strength 13.
    Benefit: You can add your Strength bonus (in addition to your Dexterity bonus) to your ranged attack bonus when using thrown

  • Gearhead

    You are naturally talented with machines and electronics.
    Benefit: Once per encounter, you can make Mechanics and Use Computer checks more quickly than normal. A check requiring a full-round action can be attempted as a standard

  • Tech Specialist

    You can make custom modifications to armor, weapons, vehicles, droids, and devices.
    Prerequisite: Trained in the Mechanics skill.
    Benefit: You can modify a device, suit of armor, weapon, droid, or vehicle so

  • A Few Maneuvers

    You can weave, juke, and roll to avoid enemy fire in the thick of combat.
    Prerequisites: Dodge, Vehicular Combat.
    Benefit: When piloting a vehicle of Colossal size or smaller, you grant a +2 dodge bonus to

  • Wroshyr Rage

    You have learned that in the dangerous jungles of Kashyyyk, your mighty rage must be tempered by wariness so that predators dont get the drop on you.
    Prerequisite: Wookiee species.
    Benefit: When you

  • Recovering Surge

    When you get back into the fight, you do not let your wounds hamper you.
    Benefit: When you catch a second wind, you move +1 step on the condition track.

    Source: Rebellion Era Campaign Guide, p

  • Grab Back

    You are able to counter grab and grapple attacks, redirecting them back on your attacker.
    Prerequisite: Dexterity 13.
    Benefit: You gain a +2 bonus to your Reflex Defense against grab and grapple attacks. If

  • Adaptable Talent

    Youre a multitalented being, capable of pulling all kinds of tricks out of your sleeve.
    Benefit: Choose one talent that you meet the prerequisites for, from a class you possess. Once per day, after at least 6 hours of rest

  • Indomnitable Personality

    Your powerful personality helps you cope with attacks that assault your will.
    Prerequisite: Charisma 13.
    Benefit: Once per encounter, you can add your Charisma bonus to your Will Defense as a reaction; this

  • Rapport

    You are adept at working with certain individuals, able to anticipate their next move.

    Benefit: When using the aid another action, you grant an additional +2 insight bonus on skill checks and attack rolls to the character you are

  • Unstoppable Combatant

    You can keep coming back for more punishment, no matter what your enemies throw at you.
    Prerequisite: Extra Second Wind.
    Benefit: You can catch more than one second wind per encounter.

  • Unwavering Resolve

    You are not easily swayed by the words of others and can see through deceptions thanks to your keen mind.
    Prerequisite: Trained in Perception
    Benefit: You gain a +5 insight bonus to Will Defense against

  • Wary Defender

    Even in the heat of battle you can bolster yourself against nearly anything that comes your way.
    Benefit: When you use the fight defensively action (see page 152 of the Saga Edition core rulebook), you gain +2 competence bonus to

  • Superior Tech

    You expand your knowledge of technology and can apply a variety of other traits to equipment you modify.

    Prerequisites: Intelligence 17, Tech Specialist feat, 9th level

  • Mandalorian Training

    You are trained in Mandalorian fighting techniques, giving you an advantage in may types of combat.
    Prerequisite: Charging Fire.
    Benefit: When using the Charging Fire feat, you gain a +2 bonus to a ranged

  • Coordinated Attack

    Prerequisite: Base attack bonus +2.

    Effect: You are automatically successful when using the aid another action to aid an allys attack or suppress and enemy as long as the target is adjacent to you or

  • Force Regimen Mastery

    You learn one or more Force regimens, which you can use to enhance your regular training.
    Prerequisite: Force Sensitivity, trained in the Use the Force skill.
    Benefit: You learn a number of Force regimens (

  • Instinctive Attack

    Your accuracy improves when you act on instinct. Though you might call it luck, the Force is with you.
    Prerequisite: Proficient in weapon used, living character (not a droid).
    Benefit: When you use a Force

  • Instinctive Defense

    You naturally know how to avoid attacks and defend your mind and body when the Force is with you.
    Prerequisite: Living character (not a droid).
    Benefit: On your turn, as a free action, you can spend a Force

  • Elder's Knowledge

    You have gained the wisdom of elders, whether through your own experiences or by learning from their instruction.
    Prerequisite: Skill Focus (Knowledge [social sciences]) or (Knowledge [galactic lore]).

  • Turn and Burn

    You can retreat from enemies with additional speed and agility.

    Prerequisites: Droid, equipped with hovering, flying, wheeled, or tracked locomotion, Dexterity 13.

    Benefit: When using the withdraw action,

  • Logic Upgrade

    The following feats are available only to droids.

    Logic Upgrade: Self Defense
    You can use your acquired knowledge and experience to increase your defenses.
    Prerequisites: Droids only.

  • Regenerative Healing

    Your natural regeneration can help you recuperate from wounds more quickly.
    Prerequisite: Trandoshan species.
    Benefit: Once per day when you catch a second wind, you can regain no hit points immediately and

  • Deft Charge

    When you charge, it is merely part of a larger attack pattern that you continue to execute.
    Benefit: After you charge, you can take swift actions, reactions, and free actions before your turn ends.

  • Unstoppable Force

    Your constant exposure to Force-users has taught you methods of physically resisting their effect on you in battle.
    Benefit: You gain a +5 insight bonus to Fortitude Defense and Will Defense against any attack or effect requiring

  • Starship Tactics

    You are trained to make use of starship maneuvers and are skilled at space combat.
    Prerequisites: Vehicular Combat, trained in the Pilot skill.
    Benefit: You add to your starship maneuver suite a number of