Tag: Melee


  • Sigil Crystal

    A sigil crystal focuses the energy of a lightsaber blade with incredible efficiency, causing it to have a more devastating effect on a target. When you wield an attuned lightsaber with a sigil crystal, you gain a +2 Force bonus on damage rolls made with

  • Electrum Detail

    A modification generally allowed only to high-ranking members of the Jedi Order, electrum detailing is usually a prestigious honor bestowed upon Jedi Masters as a sign of their rank and skill. A purely cosmetic accessory, electrum detail decorates the

  • Beckon Call

    A beckon call is a small communication device that links up with the slave circuits on a starship. When activated, the beckon call transmits a signal to the starship it is linked to, activating its autopilot programming and summoning the ship to the

  • Datadagger

    Simple Weapon
    A datadagger is an elaborate and decorative code cylinder (SE 134) that contains a hidden weapon. When the wielder twists the hilt, a needlelike blade extends from the socket. Since the blade is so well

  • Contact Stunner

    Simple Weapon

    Frequently sold as a personal protection device, the contact stunner is a small, inconspicuous weapon, the forward end of which is covered with over a dozen contact disks, enabling it to deliver a concentrated and,

  • Vibrosword

    Advanced Melee Weapon

    The vibrosword is essentially an oversized vibroblade designed to be used in both hands. The weapon resembles many larger swords used by primitive societies, though the signs of technological enhancements

  • War Sword

    Simple Weapon

    Also known as the longsword in most cultures, the war sword is a heavy, durable blade made of the finest metals. Before the advent of the lightsaber, war swords were the weapon of choice for both the Sith and the

  • Ryyk Blade

    Exotic Weapon

    A ryyk blade is a traditional Wookiee blade used for hunting, clearing paths and (if necessary) combat. The blade is always a broad, curved design, and the handle is wrapped in leather, but the exact style varies

  • Dueling Lightsaber


    The dueling lightsaber isnt so much a variant lightsaber as it is a hilt style engineered specifically to enhance lightsaber duels. Count Dooku and his apprentices, Komari Vosa and Asajj Ventress, wield dueling