Tag: Starship System


  • Anti-Boarding Systems

    Anti-boarding systems are a series of cameras, blast doors, and weapons placed throughout a starship, assisting the ships crew in bombating unwanted visitors without directly exposing themselves. Each anti-boarding security checkpoint (a CL 4

  • Backup Battery

    A backup battery is a common safety precaution taken by all space travelers, but smugglers and pirates put it to even better use. A backup battery allows the ship to operate, at least its basic functions, for up to 1 hour after the ships power

  • Interrogation Chamber

    An interrogation chamber is a holding cell specifically designed to force prisoners to confess their crimes and reveal their secrets. The starship needs at least one holding cell, and the listed cost is for converting one holding cell (for a single

  • Sensor Decoy

    A sensor decoy is a missile with an electronics package designed to make it look like a full-sized starship on sensors. Cargo ships and luxury passenger transports use such decoys in an effort to avoid pirate attacks. Sensor decoys are programmed to

  • Holding Cells

    A holding cell has reinforced walls (DR 10, 150 hit points), an advanced lock (DC 25 Mechanics check to bypass from the outside, DC 30 to bypass from the inside), and cameras and sensors that allow it to be monitored from remote stations (+5 equipment

  • Com Jammers

    A com jammer prevents any communicationincluding hyperspace transceivers, comlinks, and even HoloNet transceiversfrom functioning properly within 6 squares (starship scale). It takes a DC 30 Use Computer check to send or receive a message

  • Sensor Baffling

    The Arakyd Nightshadow anti-sensor coating is a sensor-deflecting material placed on the hull of a starship to avoid detection. Sensor baffling coating is frequently used on military scout ships to help avoid detection, but civilian vessels coated with

  • Environmental Filters

    Environmental Filters allow a starship to support more than one set of environmental conditions. This is common on luxury liners that wish to provide comfortable quarters for multiple species at once. Normally, only a few rooms are provided with an