Ascension Gun

Ascension gun1 1,200 3d8 Yes S 2 kg Energy Military

1 Inaccurate weapon: This weapon cannot fire at targets at long range.

The ascension gun is a heavy blaster pistol with a special syntherope tether and a grappling-dart launcher attached. As a swift action, you can switch the weapon from blaster mode to ascension mode. When fired in ascension mode, the weapon shoots a grappling dart attached to the syntherope, tethering the weapon to the target. If the tether is projected vertically, the ascension gun can pull the wielder upward at a speed of 12 squares per round, with a maximum vertical lift capacity of roughly 720 kg.

An ascension gun can also be used to create a zipline to a target surface after the syntherope has been secured to a fixed object at the shooter’s location. The zipline allows the wielder to slide along the line at a speed of 12 squares per round if the destination has a lower elevation. In ascension mode, the ascension gun has a maximum range of 30 squares (45 meters).

In blaster mode, an ascension gun functions like a normal heavy blaster pistol. Ascension guns are somewhat bulkier than other weapons of the same size, imposing a -5 penalty to Stealth checks made to conceal the weapon.

An ascension gun requires a power pack to operate. After 50 shots, the power pack must be replaced. Additionally, the ascension gun carries only two lengths of syntherope; after 2 uses, the syntherope must be replaced.

Source: Galaxy at War, pp. 37-38.

Ascension Gun

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