Double-Barreled Blaster Carbine

Double-Barreled Blaster Carbine1 1200 3d8 Yes S 1.9 kg Energy Restricted

1 Inaccurate weapon: This weapon cannot fire at target at Long range.

A favorite Weapon among those who live on the fringe of society, the Double-Barreled Blaster Carbine packs a powerful punch yet is small enough to conceal under loose clothing. Cade Skywalker carries a custom Double-Barreled Blaster Carbine, modified for him by Bantha Rawk. Unlike a normal Blaster Carbine, the Double-Barreled Blaster Carbine is incapable of making Autofire attacks. However, the Weapon can be switched to a “Double-Shot” setting as a Swift Action. While in Double-Shot mode, the Weapon acts as an Area Effect Weapon, targeting everything in a 2-square-by-2-square area. A target hit by the Weapon takes full damage (Half damage if the target has the Evasion Talent). Each Double-Shot attack consumes 2 shots. The wielder cannot use any Feat, Talent, or other effect that consumes more than one shot in a round (Including Double Attack and Rapid Shot) while using this Weapon in Double-Shot mode.

Double-Barreled Blaster Carbines have Retractable Stocks. Like all Blaster Carbines, the Double-Barreled Blaster Carbine can be used to make Attacks of Opportunity, even without a folded stock.

A Double-Barreled Blaster Carbine requires a Power Pack to operate. After 50 shots, the Power Pack must be replaced.

Source: Legacy Era Campaign Guide, pp.63-64

Double-Barreled Blaster Carbine

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