Draw Closer


You grab an opponent with the Force, drawing him into the path of your weapon.
Time: Standard action.
Target: One enemy within your 6 squares of you an in your line of sight.

Make a Use the Force Check. The result of the check determines the result if any:

  • DC 15: If your target is Medium or smaller in size and is neither grabbed nor grappled, you immediately pull it into the nearest unoccupied space adjacent to you (if no space adjacent to you is a legal space for the target due to its size, the power fails). You can make a single melee attack with a lightsaber against the target.
  • DC 20: As DC 15, except your target may be Large or smaller.
  • DC 25: As DC 15, except your target may be Huge or smaller.
  • DC 30: As DC 15, except your target may be Gargantuan or smaller.

Lightsaber Form (Niman): If you have the Niman talent, you can target a creature within 12 squares (instead of 6 squares.)

Special: You can spend a Force Point to pull the target into any adjacent space.

Source: Jedi Academy Training Manual, p. 30

Draw Closer

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