force shield

You use the Force to create a bubble of telekinetic energy around yourself, protecting you from harm.
Time: Reaction
Target: You.

Make a Use the Force Check. The result of the check determines the result if any:

  • DC 15: You gain a shield rating (SR) of 5 until the beginning of your next turn. Unlike other shields, this shield is made of pure telekinetic energy and cannot be recharged by any means..
  • DC 20: As DC 15, except you gain SR 10.
  • DC 25: As DC 15, except you gain SR 15.
  • DC 30: As DC 15, except you gain SR 20.

Special: You can spend a Force Point when you activate this power to increase the power’s SR by 5. You can maintain your concentration on a Force shield to continue to gain the benefit of the power’s SR from round to round, extending the normal duration. Maintaining the Force shield power is a standard action. If the power’s SR is ever reduced to 0, the power’s effect ends.

Source: The Force Unleashed Campaign Guide, p. XX

force shield

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