Integrated Equipment Armor Upgrade

An integrated equipment upgrade attaches one piece of equipment to the armor. The equipment must be three or more sizes smaller than the armor itself. This equipment is constantly ready for use and need not be drawn or prepared before being used.

It is easy to swap out the equipment attached to armor with this upgrade. A single piece of integrated equipment can be swapped out for a different piece of gear in 10 minutes with a DC 10 Mechanics check. The price of any equipment attached to the armor is separate from the integrated equipment upgrade cost.

Integrated equipment, 1 slot 1 Common 200
Integrated equipment, 2 slots 1 Common 500
Integrated equipment, 5 slots 1 Common 1,000
Integrated equipment, 10 slots 2 Common 2,000

Source: Scum and Villainy, p. 46.

Integrated Equipment Armor Upgrade

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