Mandalorian Armor Template

Mandalorian armor is constructed of a rare iron alloy, favored for its strength and durability as well as its ability to turn away lightsaber attacks. The Mandalorians guard the secret of producing armor from this material, making it especially rare in the galaxy.

Mandalorian armor is typically battle armor or heavy battle armor. The armor’s equipment bonus to Fortitude Defense is 1 higher than normal. Finally, if the wearer has damage reduction, he can apply its benefit against attacks made by lightsabers. In some eras, particularly during the Mandalorian Wars, the armor alone grants favorable circumstances on Persuasion checks to intimidate.

Mandalorian armor costs 30,000 credits more than a standard suit or armor (mostly because of its rarity).

Source: Threats of the Galaxy, p. 103.

Mandalorian Armor Template

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