You can pass through solid objects, such as walls and doors.
Time: Move action.
Target: You.

Make a Use the Force Check. The result of the check determines the result if any:

  • DC 25: You gain a phasing speed of 2 squares; your phasing speed can never exceed your own base speed. When moving using your phasing speed, you can move through the spaces of your enemies, as well as through walls, vehicles, large objects, and other obstructions but must end your movement in a legal, unoccupied space. You retain this phasing speed until the beginning of your next turn. You may move up to your phasing speed as a part of the activation of this power.
  • DC 30: As DC 25, except your phasing speed is 4 squares.
  • DC 35: As DC 25, except your phasing speed is 6 squares.
  • DC 40: As DC 25, except your phasing speed is 8 squares.

Special: You can spend a Force Point to increase your phasing speed by 2 squares. You can maintain the phase power from round to round, extending the normal duration. Maintaining this power is a move action, and whenever you maintain the phase power you can move up to your phasing speed. If you take damage while maintaining this power, you must succeed on a Use the Force check (DC = 15 + damage taken) to maintain the power.

Source: The Clone Wars Campaign Guide, p. 51


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