Second-Degree Droid Talent Tree

The following droid talents are available only to 2nd-degree droids.

  • Adept Assistant: When you successfully aid another character on a Mechanics, Pilot, or Use Computer check, you add +5 to the check result (rather than the normal +2).
  • Burst Transfer: You can double the amount of data transferred with the Binary language in a single round (see page 191 of the Saga Edition core rulebook) when communicating with other droids with Burst Transfer, and you cut Access Information time in half when making Use Computer checks to find genera l or specific in formation (see page 76 of the Saga Edition core rulebook) .
  • Mechanics Mastery: You can always take 10 on a Mechanics check, even if distractions or hazardous circumstances would normally prevent you from doing so.
  • On-Board System Link: While aboard a starship or vehicle and plugged into the ship’s systems by scomp link, droid socket, or basic data port, you can reroute power or recharge shields as two swift actions instead of three.
  • Quick Astrogation: Your speedy electronic astrogation-calculation routines allow you to cut calculation time in half. Additionally, when attempting a Use Computer check to Astrogate, you can make the calculation as a standard action instead of a full-round action.
    Prerequisite: Trained in Use Computer.
  • Scomp Link Slicer: Your inherent speed and advanced skill reduce the danger of slicing computer systems. You must be physically linked to the system you are slicing . You can use each of the following actions once per encounter:

Eradicate: You can use Disable or Erase Program on a computer that is friendly or helpful toward you. With this talent, disabling or erasing a program takes 5 minutes and requires a DC 15 Use Computer check (see page 76 of the Saga Edition core rulebook).

Lockout: If you succeed on an opposed Use Computer check when you Issue a Routine Command to counteract another programmer’s actions, you automatically lock the other programmer out of the system. He or she must succeed in an opposed Use Computer check against you to regain access to t he system (see page 76 of the Saga Edition core rulebook). You resist the attempt as a reaction.

Untraceable: As a reaction, you automatically keep a hostile computer from tracing your location if you fail a Use Computer check (see page 76 of the Saga Edition core rulebook) by 10 or less.

Prerequisites: Any two talents from the Slicer Talent Tree (see page 47 of the Saga Edition core rulebook). Burst Transfer can be one of these talents.

  • Vehicle Mechanic: Once per day you can spend three swift actions in successive rounds to make a DC 20 Mechanics check to restore 1d8 hit points to a vehicle and move it +1 step along the condition track. You also restore 1 hit point to the vehicle for every point by which you exceed the Mechanics DC.

Source: Scavenger’s Guide to Droids, p. 26; The Force Unleashed Campaign Guide, p. 102.

Second-Degree Droid Talent Tree

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