Shadowskin Armor Upgrade

A matte black finish of light- and sensor-absorbing material, a shadowskin turns any armor coated with it into a stealth suit. Normally coupled with a sound dampener (included in this modification cost), it is difficult to see, hear or detect the armor with sensors. Armor with shadowskin grants a +5 equipment bonus on all Stealth checks made by the wearer.

A more advanced version of shadowskin uses the material reflec, which was developed by the Grand Army of the Republic and later used by various Imperial special forces units. Reflec is more effective but also more expensive than normal shadowskin. A suit of armor with reflec shadowskin adds a +10 equipment bonus on its wearer’s Stealth checks.

Shadowskin 1 Restricted 5,000
Shadowskin, reflec 1 Military 20,000

Source: Scum and Villainy, p. 47.

Shadowskin Armor Upgrade

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