The Clone Wars Campaign Guide



p. 21 – Protection
Add the following text to the end of the talent’s description: “Characters that use this talent or the Draw Fire talent cannot be targeted by or benefit from this talent. You may not benefit from this talent at the same time as the Misplaced Loyalty talent (Scum and Villainy, page 14).”

p. 22 – Improved Consular’s Vitality
Add the following line to the end of this talent: Prerequisite: Consular’s Vitality

p. 26 – Stick Together
Remove the phrase “as a move action” from the second sentence of this talent.

p. 29 – Expert Droid Repair
Add the phrase “(minimum 2) after the phrase “Intelligence bonus.”

p. 40 – Higher Yield
Change the word “Demolitions” to “Mechanics” in the Prerequisites line.

p. 40 – Focused Force Talisman
Add the phrase “all your expended uses of” before the phrase “that spent Force power” in the last sentence of the talent’s description.

p. 46 – Tech Savant
Add the following text to the end of the talent’s description: “Any droid or vehicle can only benefit from this talent once per round.”

p. 76 – G9 Rigger
Grp modifier should be +34

p. 81 – Dagger-class Starfighter
Add the following line beneath the Cargo line: Hyperdrive x2 (3 pre-programmed hyperspace jumps)

p. 138 – Daystar Craft DC0052 Intergalactic Speeder
Change the Fighting Space to 2×2

p. 172 – Nu-class Shuttle
Add the following line beneath the Cargo line:
“Hyperdrive x1, navicomputer”

p. 173 – Y-Wing
DR should be 10, not 100.

p. 209 – Subjugator-class Heavy Cruiser
Crew should be 25,350.

p. 221 – Sabaoth Starfighter
Pilot modifier should be +12



p. 61-63 – Ranged Weapons
The weapons in this section have the following ammunition capacities:

  • BlasTech 500 “Espo” Riot Gun, BlasTech DT-12, Czerka Adventurer, Merr-Sonn Model 434, SoroSuub Firelance: 50 shots.
  • BlasTech DH-23 “Outback” Blaster Pistol: 100 shots
  • BlasTech DLT-20A: 30 shots

p. 40 – Rapid Reload
Add the phrase “or power pack” after the phrase “energy cell.”

p. 46 – Sabotage Device
Add the phrase “or power pack” after the phrase “energy cell.”

p. 64 – Shadowsuit
Replace the full text of this entry with the following:

Light Armor
Used by assassins and burglars, the shadowsuit manufactured by Ayelixe/Krongbing textiles is little more than a black body stocking covering the wearer’s entire body. Shadowsuits are made from a tough but soft material known as shadowsilk that absorbs light and sound. The hands and feet of the shadowsuit have sound-dampening pads that reduce the noise made by the wearer. A shadowsuit grants a +5 equipment bonus to Stealth checks whenever the wearer has concealment from darkness or low-light conditions. If any armor or clothing is worn over the shadowsuit, this bonus is lost.

Replace the Shadowsuit entry on Table 5-4: Armor with the following:

Shadowsuit2 600 +1 +1 +5 2 kg Military

2 Can be worn beneath clothing or other armor.

p. 94 – Creating a Squad
Add the following bullet point to the end of the list:
The squad’s CL is equal to the CL of the base creature +2.


The Clone Wars Campaign Guide

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