Vid-Vox Scrambler

When activated, this Tiny handheld device emits a low-frequency wave that scrambles all video, audio, and holographic recording with in its area of effect, while leaving normal conversation unaffected. Vid-vox scramblers are prized by anyone worried that their conversations are being recorded, including criminal masterminds, CEOs, spies, and the paranoid.

The vid -vox scrambler prevents all video, audio, and holographic recording in the squares adjacent to and the square including the device. Anyone eavesdropping or reviewing recordings of targets protected by an interference generator must make a DC 30 Perception or Use Computer check to pick up only scattered words and phrases. A scrambler can operate continuously for one week on a single power cell, or it can be connected to a generator or other permanent power source.

Vid-vox scrambler 3,400 0.5 kg

Source: Galaxy of Intrigue, p. 67.

Vid-Vox Scrambler

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